How I gained more than 150k followers on Tiktok so quickly

Gaining 1k followers is no longer a problem.

Simply check this little trick below!

There are many accounts apply the same strategy and they have got a substantial number of followers. Try it.

The only thing required is being consistent!

The purposes of this trick is for you to get 1k followers fast

so that you can add the link in bio & go live.

I was addicted to post then some videos went viral and this account gained this many followers lol.

Please note: when I got started at that time I was soo free. I posted 3-5 videos every single day for around 2 months. Some went crazily viral that even got 20million views. I think I got lucky. Well, playing with its algorithm, it’s the social media game. Chat with me on Facebook I’ll share with you an important tip too. 


And this is how you download a tiktok vid without ID:

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Another way to get 1k followers SUPER fast: (My account above is not used any of the methods below)

+ Buy fake followers. It’s around $10/1k. If you buy 5k it’s only $8/1k. But remember engagement is the key to grow your accounts.

or you also can

+ Buy a 1k follower Tiktok account with live feature available. It’s around $15/account

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