List of content banks to get aesthetic videos

Where to find the videos ⤵️

Are you looking for videos that you can post without showing your face?

I gat you!

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🚀 Here are the FREE source:




You want high quality videos because Instagram prioritize to show those videos more than low quality ones. Besides, free content bank are being used by a lot of people so it can become saturated, it’s better to go for paid subscription. 

Below are paid content banks, the cheapest is at the end!

👉 Elevae Visuals: $149/3mo $499/yr

👉 Editorial Stock Images: $49/mo 💕 $139/3mo 💕 $499/yr

👉 GridBank: $45 mo Personal 💕 $59/mo Strategic 💕$129/mo Creator

👉 Sought After Studio: $42/mo

👉  $120/3mo 💕 $462 yr

👉 Styled Stock Society: $120/3mo 💕 $360/yr 💕 $900 one time

👉 $39.95/mo 💕 $100/3 mo 💕 $349/yr

👉 ReelVyzn: $39.92/mo

👉 The Studio Brief: £35/mo

👉 $29.99/mo 💕 $74.99/ 3mo 💕 or $249.99/yr

👉 My Vanilla Gallery: $29/mo 💕 $65/3mo 💕 $233/yr

👉 The content cove: £25/mo 💕 £240/yr

👉 Filling Feed €25/mo personal 💕 €40 brand
👉 $48 yearly

📲You have a powerful tool in your hands, and that is your phone.

You can document your walk, morning coffee, drinks, and laptop, etc

And Viola! You have enough B-roll content at your fingertips.

Sydney @ShyGirlEarns

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