Ultimate Attention Grabbing Hooks

The 5-Second Rule (and now 3-second rule for reels)

This rule means what you think it means; you have five seconds to get your viewers’ attention! But why so little? Because people’s attention spans are now shorter than ever. Research has shown that an average person’s attention span is now eight seconds, which is even lower than that of a goldfish!

That is why you need a compelling hook to reel your audience in. Regardless of whether you’re making videos for your YouTube channel or a short-form video ad for your marketing campaign, you will want your viewers to stick long enough to get your message across.

That’s where a compelling hook can help you! 8 Hooks for Videos You Can Use to Grab Your Audience’s Attention. Here are the different types of hooks you can use to entice your audience:

  1. Start With a Fascinating Fact
  2. What If…
  3. Surprise Them
  4. In Medias Res
  5. Start With a Problem & Offer a Solution
  6. Open With a Joke
  7. Ask a Question
  8. Hint at a Story

Here are 30 done-for-you attention-grabbing hooks for your videos

  1. You won’t believe _________
  2. Here’s the secret to _____________
  3. The #(insert number) reason why you’re _________
  4. The #(insert number) reason why you’re NOT __________
  5. The (insert number) reason why you should _____________
  6. The (insert number) reason why you shouldn’t ___________
  7. (Insert number) easy ways to ___________
  8. (Insert number) things I wish I knew before I _________
  9. What I wish I knew before ________
  10. If you are ______ try this!
  11. If you are NOT _______ try this!
  12. If you are ________ do this instead!
  13. You won’t believe how __________
  14. You won’t believe how I _________
  15. You won’t believe what I ________
  16. Exposing my (insert number) secrets to _________
  17. Here my (insert number) secret(s) to _________
  18. Here’s the one thing you need to know about ___________
  19. The (insert number) thing(s) you need to know about __________
  20. Here’s how I (insert goal or thing you did) in (insert timeframe)
  21. Here’s why no one is ___________
  22. Why no one is talking about __________
  23. Why is no one talking about ____________?
  24. The (insert number) biggest mistakes people make when _________
  25. The biggest mistake people make when ________
  26. (Insert number) tools everyone should use when __________
  27. (Insert number) tools everyone should know about ____________
  28. Want to (insert goal or thing someone would want)? You should be doing this!
  29. If you want to (insert goal or something one would want) then you ABSOLUTELY should try THIS!
  30. The only thing you need to know about _________


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