If you are from English speaking countries, you can read this one because it can help you if Tiktok is banned in your countries but you still wanna use it.

But if you’re like me, locate in a non speaking English country you know it’s a nightmare to wake up and see your videos reach people who ARE NOT in your perfect audience.

First, you can go here to have a better understanding about country tiers.


Now it’s time I share my method. This method WON’T guarantee you will reach 100% high quality audience. Just so you know my friend in the US still reach tier 3 countries. But this method works for me, you can check the stats. It gives you higher chance to reach high quality audience. 

So what’s this that I do?

  1. I use English keywords hashtags (obviously) this is to let IG know my niche and preferred audience.
  2. I use a VPN. What it does is basically changing my IP Internet address to the countries of my choice. With this, for those who are in the US and worried about being banned. Bingo! This is the solution!

It takes time for IG system to detects that you’re in the location. If you’re doing good, it can change your location (you can check in ABOUT section. Once you get it, you can even get access to trending audio feature!!

This is my exact guide on how to do it. Watch the video below.

If you wanna get HMA for only $45/year simply let me know so I will get an account for you. (Can login to multiple devices but can only turn on on 5 devices at the same time)

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