Welcome to the team!

Congrats on your decision to start your own online business with IPS. 

Please make sure to request our Fb Coaching groups inside of the membership site! 
Let me know if you have any questions!

Now let’s get the ball rolling. 

Remember we have 3 steps:

1 – Get the system

2 – Posting Ads

3 – Start Earning

Yes that’s true. You need to spend time on each step.


You’re working on a business, you need something to sell. So what you’re selling here? You’re selling a digital product with all amazing trainings about digital marketing in IPS membership . You have the right to resell these products.

Watch the first video in the membership area.

Then pay the $39 or $59 admin fee to get your website completed. Follow all the steps inside. You need to wait 24-48 hours to get the main website – SALE PAGE done.

Please make sure you send them everything correctly or else if you wanna change anything they’ll charge a $15 fee!

During the time you wait for your training, jump to step 2.

—->>> STEP 2 HERE

Read the rest of the setting up part once you got the website.

Ok at this point assuming you have the website. If you There are 2 ways to marketing:

1-Direct: you send the SALE page to your customer. This won’t help you automate the process. You should go for the 2nd way. It’s how you do online business.

2-Autopilot: Get a squeeze page to capture email address. By this way, you will have a system do customer service for you on autopilot. If you see in the IPS training area, it’s optional that you can pay the fee to get set up, the fee is a bit high. Luckily you joined under me so I can help you to get your own system. You should learn everything for yourself so you can help others to do the same. Let’s get real. It’s your serious business. And you know what? All of your referals can be benefited from this page too!

What you’ll need:

1- a custom domain Go to this page use COM598 for only $5.98

2-sign up here for SYSTEME.io It’s free to join. If you have one already. Login

3-import this funnel (I’ve already made it). Click here.

4-edit your funnel:

+connecting your domain with your funnel. WATCH THIS GUIDE

+setting up an autoresponder: adding email campaigns. WATCH THIS GUIDE.

—->>> STEP 2 HERE








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