Hi there, it’s Sydney.

You’re reading this page because you’re referred by me or someone who I’m partnered with. After someone buys The OLSP System from you, you can send them this page too. We’re here to support each other so even you’re a complete newbie, you don’t need to worry about anything.

This is a step by step guide for you to work with OLSP. Just take things step by step so you won’t be overwhelmed. Once you have done something, cross it out of the list. Don’t worry you have me here and our community, and the OLSP system has great support too. You won’t never feel alone on this journey!

Now let’s get started.

*****First you need to get access to these resources:

  1. After you pay the $7 for OLSP system, check your email to create an account with OLSP.
  2. Send me your email so I can send you the list of strategies.
  3. Join OLSP big group on FB (more than 140k members): CLICK HERE
  4. Join our Private group: Go here. (ONLY PAID MEMBER WILL BE ACCEPTED)
  5. Join our Chat group (this is our engagement boost group): Go here.



*****Second, you need to start learning & applying:

  1. Get your affiliate link: Go to OLSP system

In your dashboard, go to Mega Link and learn from the training there. Learn the OLSP system because you can only sell something you understand & love it.

2. By now you have your affiliate link, let’s get started with traffic, starting with building your Facebook account. 

2.1 – In the OLSP system, go to Facebook 101 Training & learn from it.

2.2 – Check my list of strategies and learn from it. 

3. You can start earning some commission by commenting on Facebook. Just make 28 comments then you’re $7 is back. Go here to watch my guide. 

Please note that comments are added weekly. You need to check in your CDpro to see if they’re available. 


***** Third, Check out private group for ways to start promoting the OLSP system. 

You can check my guide for basic set up with systemeio. Click here.

If you have any questions, simply dm me or the person you buy from or in our community. It’s my honour and privilege to work with you my friend. <3

Since I have many messages, best place to contact me is on my Facebook Page: CLICK HERE. 

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